*September 9th Update*
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

That Would Explain it.

So sorry that I haven't posted in a while! Life has been busy! >_<

I've been walking about four or five day each week and each day is record-breaking! Last night, my friend and I walked our fastest mile (in twenty minutes) and finished our forty minute walk with 2.2 miles. We have been going to this little trail mostly. I really like walking there because of the inclines but we do go to a nearby track for when we are eager to get more distance in our walk.

This past week I have encountered some new side effects from my NAC and Change-o-Life regime. At first, I was experiencing breast tenderness but it isn't as bad today. Last night, I noticed some spotting and a little bit this morning.  I hope this is a sign that this regime is working for me!

Weight wise, I am still bouncing between -10 and -11 pounds but I am completely okay with that. Even though I want to progressively lose weight, I know that I am making each day better with healthy choices. I know that it may take some time and that is what gives me motivation to push through!

I hope everyone is working on any and all goals that they have! You got this!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Round of Progress!

After a smidge of relaxation after coming home from work, I got on the treadmill! I almost decided not to since work was a bit overwhelming but I convinced myself that sweating would be my best therapy for the day!

I have started using the Nike+ Running app because it is a great way for me to see how my workout went. (I'm a very visual person and it makes me happy to see all of the bouncy lines) I took a little screenshot of my progress today and I am very pleased about the numbers!

Those high peaks are when I kicked up the speed to 4! My distance improved by .03 miles! Hopefully with each day on the treadmill, I can can increase my distance. Maybe soon I will increase my time to get a little more out of my workout!

After sweating and showering, I stepped on the scale and saw that I am now -11 pounds from my starting weight!

Words can't express the thankfulness, happiness, and excitement that I am experiencing but I know that God can hear the joy in my heart! My life is slowly changing because He is my ultimate motivation!

If you use Nike+ Running app and want to friend me (and being my distant workout buddy), my username is kprocopio!

I pray that all of the little (and better) changes we are making in our lives start show and I pray that we become more grateful for the chances we have to always do better!

In Whirlwind.

Today I received my new bottle of NAC and Change-o-Life and oddly enough I just finished my current bottle of NAC. I'm pretty excited to add to me regime and pray that I am a step closer for help my body.

For the past few days, I've been noticing a new symptom and it's on the personal side. I'm in need of answers so this is the only reason why I will mention it. For the last three days, I've noticed an increase in cervical mucus. I have been told that it can be a sign of ovulation but I do not know how true this is and what else I should look for. It has been well over four years since I have had a menstrual cycle so I am a bit skeptic about believing that I could be possibly ovulating. I have also been experiencing more of a tightness/discomfort feeling right around my left ovary. I pray that it isn't a cyst...!

I'm currently researching about how to proper track basal body temperature. I think I have missed the window to start tracking but with a little more research and investing in what I need, hopefully I can soon be able to notice any changes.

I wasn't able to walk/jog today. Today was one of those days where I felt like I didn't get enough sleep (even though I did because my internal alarm clock decide 5:45 am was a reasonable time to get up). I promise that tomorrow I will be active!

Well, it's almost 1 am for me. Time for bed!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Let the Sweat Pour!

Ladies, I am very proud of myself. I started my day off with a serving a oatmeal with cinnamon and chia seeds. Every three bites, I took a sip of water. I personally hate feeling full from food alone so that water helps me not 'stuff' myself. I ate all but the last three bites because I was nearing that stuffed feeling and finished my meal with the last bit of water. Again, feeling stuffed saddens me. Feeling stuffed makes me tired and just want to do nothing until I am hungry again.

After my breakfast, I took my beloved capsule of NAC, refilled my water bottle (which is wonderfully decorated with Jack Skellington), and set off for the treadmill. I got together my water bottle, my headphones, and my phone (I download the Nike Running app to keep track of my progress).

I was on the treadmill for thirty minutes today and power walked an average speed of three. About every five minutes or so, I pumped up the speed to four and jogged for a minute (still building my endurance). My distance was 1.48 miles today (and I can feel it in my legs)!!!

When I finally finished my time on the treadmill, I went outside to cool down and enjoy this nice breeze. Then I noticed it...

I was sweating profusely. Sweat was dripping from my forehead, my clothes were soaked, my hair looked like I was just out of the shower.

I haven't been this happy in awhile. That sweat means so much to me. I pushed myself to do better for myself. My legs may be sore right now, but I am happy.

That alone is enough motivation to do it again tomorrow.

I pray that you all find the motivation to either break one bad habit or start a new healthy habit. Whether it is choosing water over soda or taking the stairs instead of a elevator. Just do it and then continue to do more.

God bless all of you!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Day, Another Mile.

My friend and I walked through a different trail today. I'm starting to prefer the trails for walks. The inclines really make your toosh hurt! We walked for forty-five minutes today and our last lap around took less than ten minutes! I'm pretty pumped about tonight. Due to a storm coming our way, it was nice and windy so we were able to last longer.

Tomorrow, I plan to get on the treadmill to through in some spurts of jogging. For the time-being, jogging on a treadmill is more ideal for me because I am pretty much 'forcing' myself to walk/jog a certain speed.

I am almost towards the end of my first bottle of NAC. No new side effects, and I have been balancing at -9 and -10 pounds from my start weight. As mentioned before, I have decided to up my nightly dosage to slowly get to the therapeutic dosage. I ordered my new bottle a few days go. While browsing for through, I re-encountered an old supplement I use to take, Nature's Way: Change-o-Life. This supplement has grown more and more popular within the PCOS community and I have read so many successful stories from women taking it. So, when I start my increased dosage of NAC, I will start taking Change-o-Life.

I pray that these supplements and my increased physical activity brings out great accomplishments with my PCOS symptoms!

What have you been doing or taking for your PCOS symptoms? Do you feel like it is working?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pumped and Proud

My friend and I discovered a little trail to walk along. I say it was a good choice considering the inclines it had.

My sweaty selfie!

We walked for thirty five minutes and talked about life. I feel like my stress was sweated away! Totally worth it in my opinion. Tomorrow we will hit the track just because the bugs were annoying at the trail.

What healthy choices did you make today?

Excited to Live a Healthier Life!

My friend and I weren't able to go to the mountains yesterday. Silly us forgot that it was a national park and national parks are closed on Labor Day. Ooops!

Instead, my friend invited me over to her house for a cookout then we took out her paddle boat. I must say, that paddle boat is one heck of a leg workout! My toosh and legs are sore, but I am happy to have gotten some form of a workout!

It was fun paddling and my friend and I just paddled around and talked for an hour or two. She was worried about me and what I was going through. It's great to be able to talk it out. I made her promise to be my workout buddy so today we are going to the track after she gets out of work!

I told her about the app, Charity Miles, and how it works. She was excited about that something so awesome existed and was eager to use that app too!

Ladies, I want to tell you something. It is okay to feel like you have fallen. It is okay to cry for hours. It is all okay to do but your tears and pain mean so much more if it inspires you to do something better for yourself.

Because it is PCOS Awareness Month, I challenge you to open up to a friend about PCOS. Whether it is face to face, through a text, whatever. Just tell them. I feel like my friend is eager and excited to be by my side to help be more active. I am beyond thankful and thrilled. Maybe you have a friend that wants to walk by your side. Maybe you friend is waiting for you to be open.

God puts people in our lives for specific reasons. It isn't our job to figure out why those people are there but to trust in God and believe that your relationship with them has a greater purpose.

I pray that all of you have that type of person who motivates you to try harder in your life and if you don't, I pray that you discover that person soon.

I pray that today, each of you find a reason to do better for yourself and that that reason changes you today.

God bless you, ladies. You are strong. You are amazing. You are beautiful!!!