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Friday, August 22, 2014

NAC Diary: Week 1

So after my first week of taking NAC, I have experienced some side effects. I have noticed that most of the side effects don't come till after my nightly dosage.

Day 1: My stomach was a little bit queasy but no nausea. I did feel like my energy lasted longer but I don't know if that is because of the NAC.

Day 2: Woke up with my back hurting a little.  The pain is very similar to back pains I have experienced when I was menstruating. Not trying to get my hopes up but I pray this is a good sign. I did have frequent bathroom trips that night. Out of curiosity,  I did weigh myself and I am actually -1.5 pounds from my starting weight. Each weighing was after meals and a bathroom visit. Don't want anything extra affecting the numbers. ^_^

Day 3: I felt side-effect free. No discomforts, frequencies, or pains. Just a normal day!

Day 4: Came down with some chest congestion so other than those symptoms, I am still side-effect free! As far as the chest congestion goes, I've been drinking a ginger cinnamon green tea (which is a bonus for its health benefits for PCOS). It is a very pleasant tea. Hoping that this bug goes away soon! Oh, and I think my scale is a liar.... I'm -5 pounds from my starting weight!!!

Day 5: Today, I noticed a small discomfort feeling in my lower abdomen and around my hips. I'm not necessarily passing this off as a bad thing at the moment. In the past, this feeling was associated with menstruation. Still at -5 pounds from my starting weight! On a side note, my chest congestion is gone but now I'm stuck with allergy issues.

Day 6 & 7: I combined last two days only because eveything is the same. I am still getting the discomfort every now and then. And I am still hoping it's a good sign. I weighed myself this morning and I am -9.5 pounds from my starting weight!!! I can see the weight loss in my face mostly. When it starts to get cooler, I plan to start walking again so I can be healthier!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Day One of NAC

Today my order for NAC came in (read my post about NAC). The supplements I puchased are 600mg each so I thought it would be wise to take three capsules a day after a meal. The therapeutic dosage per day is 3000mg but I am going to build myself to there over the period of a week.
I have taken two capsules so far today but haven't noticed any side effects but it is too early for me to notice anything.

To track and share any progress, I will post every Friday about any new side effects, pros and cons, and (if any) weight loss. I won't give out my weight but I will share the number of pounds lost!

If anyone has or is currently taking NAC please share your thoughts!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Prayers needed.

This past week has been a hard week for my family and I. Our dog, Raven, fell very sick and passed away on July 27th. She blessed our family for almost fourteen years and we still are in a state of shock.

I apologize for the lack of activity on here. She hasn't been well for two weeks and we were doing what we could to take care of her.

Monday, my mom, nieces, nephew, sister, and her friend joined my dad, my other sister, and myself to say our final good-byes to our sweet Raven. My one niece and nephew are almost four so I wasn't sure if they understood what was going on.

Despite my worrying over them, they were well behaved hugged me tightly when I fell apart, and volunteered to pick flowers for Raven to lay on her burial spot. Even with the heartache of losing what was like my sister, having the innocence of two warm-hearted kids made it so much easier.

Even for my siblings who do not live with me, they loved Raven as much as we did and I am grateful for the love and strength they gave that day.

I would be lying if I said my heart was at peace right now. It just feels off that I don't wake up to see her anymore.

I miss Raven terribly but I am thankful that she is not suffering anymore.

Again, I apologize for my hiatus but please believe me when I say I am working on a new natural aid post.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Missed ya!!!

So, my vacation at the beach was amazing. I'm so thankful to have been able to take a week off from reality and enjoy life. I was able to spend all but one day out at the beach. Tropical storm Arthur was passing by and the tides were bad so we just watched the storm from our balcony and watched the surfers have fun.

One of my cousins lives fairly close to the hotel where we stayed so my sister and I made a trip out to see her and a 'Laundry Folding Party.' Folding laundry was never so enjoyable. I am beyond thankful to have seen my cousin. I didn't grow up with her because of distance and other things. The first time I met her was less than two years ago and I always feel like I've known her for forever when I see her. God bless the power and love of family!

We were able to celebrate Fourth of July on the shore too! I'm telling you it is the most amazing experience. The piers along the coast had their firework shows but nearby beach goers had their own to shoot off. It was like watching a tennis match with all the fireworks going off. The people we sat near were very friendly and we were able joke around and talk with them. It was like chatting with friends.

While on vacation, I started feeling discomfort and pain from my left ovaries. It wasn't extremely bad but it did cause me to hold my breath numerous times. I was worried at first that it would cause me to be bedridden but then a thought hit me.
Why let this control me? Why worry about it? Why feel anything but happiness and thankfulness while on vacation?
Whether I was on vacation or not, I do not want to be controlled by anything that PCOS throws at me. I asked God to give me strength to keep my emotions and spirits up, and that He did. The pain did not subside but God gave me the strength to push through it. God guided me to make memories with my family and happy ones. A year from now, I will only remember the good things and not something like pain.

Today, I pray for everyone of us to not let the physical or emotional pain get to us. I pray that we find the tools and faith to not dwell on things out of our control. Each and every one of you is an amazing and strong woman. The things that you have gone through make you a woman with strength, knowledge, and perseverance.

God bless all of you!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Warmed Heart

These past few days, I've been in a better mood. I can't exactly pinpoint as to what has made me happier though. I guess once in awhile, I just need to release the built up negative things to be able to bring in the happier things.

To add to that happiness, my mom told me the dates for our beach trip this year! So from June 29th to July 4th, my toes will be digging in the warm sand! I'm super excited for a stress-free week! And seafood. There's this seafood buffet with all you can crab legs. Honestly ladies, if I ever won the lottery, I would buy a beach house and live off seafood. I dream about this way too often but in my dreams, I'm out fishing for my food, selling/trading at an outdoor fish market. Life would be awesome.


Back on track now.

I'm starting to weed out the unhealthy drinks in my life by drinking more water. Proper hydration helps a lot of things in terms of health and for me, this is the best way to start a healthier life. Although, I can't say I can weed out all of the unhealthy drinks though. I love coffee wayyyy too much. It isn't a bad addiction but I need my French vanilla iced coffee before a long day of work. I guess I should look into a healthier blend though. I guess that will be my next project.

Lately, I've been debating on whether I should talk to a doctor about going back on Metformin. Metformin has it's perks but also has it's downside. So far, I think for the time being I should get back on Metformin and after I have fully learned and practiced eating and living a healthier lifestyle, I could slowly wing my way off of it. Is that something that sounds plausible?

I've also decided to make a better effort on loosing weight My thing is that I'm not going to constantly weigh myself to see the progress (only at doctor's appointments though). I don't want to be obsessed with numbers. To me, being able to eat healthier and to get my to work the way it should be is my only goal. At the moment, it would be hard for me to go to a gym. I do have my own treadmill at home but I also want to focus on toning and increase my strength.

I am open ears for advice and comments, ladies! I personally believe that learning from my peers will help me achieve my goals!

Today, I pray that we all find something to change in our lives; whether it is physical, mental, or emotional changes. I pray that we use those opportunities to become closer to our Heavenly Father. May we praise His name in our moments of happiness, may we call on Him when we need help, and may we find comfort in Him when we are not sure of how to get back on our feet. May God bless all of you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's Finally Here!

I have had the pleasure of chatting with a lovely Cyster after my request for a guest writer for a recipe/food blog. Amanda is the writer of her own blog, Moving Mountains Motivation, which is her journey to be healthier, to be closer to God, and her journey with loosing weight!

I was so excited to talk to her about possible ideas and after a few emails, Healthy Eating on a Budget was started. One thing we both have in common is a budget and that is sometimes hard to stick to when it means buying healthy/organic foods. It is a mission of ours to give your the ideas and tips to be able to eat healthier without breaking the bank.

Amanda has already posted her first recipe post, The First: Healthy Eating on a Budget, and it is well worth the read! Personally, this recipe (read the post to find out what it is!) is amazing because you can customize it to fit your tastes and it is really easy for any meal of the day!

I hope you all join me in welcoming and applauding Amanda for her will to join us here!

May God bless all of you!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

It WILL Get Better!

I definitely need to be more proactive right now. I keep telling myself, "I need to start," but I always push it off. Whhhhhyyy?!?

I feel like I'm missing some step in this process. My brain keeps coming up with this:

  1. Inform yourself. The more you know, the better!
  2. ................................
  3. Start your engines?
I mean, I know there doesn't need to be a middle step but somewhere in my brain for some reason keeps saying there is... Is there? Is there something I'm missing? Why can't I figure this out?

Is step two that push, that kick start that I have been thinking about? Would not striving to be a healthier me that kick start?

Why am I such a procrastinator? Why do I tell myself, "Once this happens, I can start doing this,"

Maybe this built up frustration is my step two? Maybe I need that 'I'm so over this old me' feeling and then I will run out the door and do what needs to be done.


I need to stop saying 'maybe.' I've hated hearing that from doctors... 
"You maybe able to get pregnant one day." 
"You maybe able to loose more weight."

Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe....!!!

Why do I let 'maybe' run my life? Why can't I say, "I am!"

It's upsetting... Aiy...

I need to take this one step at a time but where do I start? In what order?

Vitamins/Supplements first?
Daily exercising?
Healthy eating?

Could this be my problem: not knowing where to start? I know there is no set order but is the inability to determine which change to tackle first overwhelming me?

Ladies, I need your opinion. What did you start with first? Did starting on one area cause a domino affect to jump in all areas for better health?

If you are willing to share please leave a comment below or if you would rather email me, my email address is livingalifewithpcos@gmail.com.

As always, thank you for always listening. Every comment, every email has always made my day better. I thank God for putting it in my heart to blog my feelings to be able to meet new souls. God bless you!