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Friday, October 25, 2013

Is Your Water Infused?

If you have read my post, Benefits of Drinking Water, then you know how important it is for everyone
(especially for those who have health issues, are dieting, take medications, work out...). But do you ever get bored or uninterested in drinking just boring water?

I do.

I know this isn't new and I'm sure many you hear about it, but have you ever tried infused water?

About two weeks ago, my friend and I went to our local Trader Joe's where they had a cucumber and mint infused water to sample. (I am not a cucumber person... I don't hate them. They are just not something I'd buy, order, or crave.) To my surprise, it was pretty good. The mint had a stronger flavor so the cucumber taste did not bother me. Then I started thinking, why haven't I started doing this? Seriously. For starters, If I would drink infused water I would be contributing to the amount of water that I should intake daily. Secondly, what I choose to infuse my water can have great benefits for my overall health and more specifically for PCOS. Lastly, infused water can have anything added to it, so the taste is never boring!

So, one of things I plan on doing is infusing my water. I'm smacking myself because I can't believe I haven't even thought about doing this sooner.

As time goes by, I'll happily share my infused water concoctions with you guys. For now, I was skimming through good ole Google and came across a site called Infused Waters (click to be directed to the index of recipes on their site). I really want to try the Mixed Herb one!

Before I forget, sometime next week or the week after, I'm going shopping to start a regiment of natural aids. As of now, I'm not completely sure what I'll get (though I do have an idea about a few). When such day comes, I'll share (possibly weekly) what supplements I take, how they make me feel, and if I see any improvements. So I hope you guys stay tuned!

Do you drink infused water? If so, what are some of your favorite concoctions? Let me know by commenting below (and maybe you'll get a shout out on a future post once I try it)!

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