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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hey Ladies!

I've just realized that I haven't update about my health since I shared that I had bacterial pneumonia in October. So here it goes:

I haven't been contagious for two weeks now, but my lungs are still not fully healed. If I over do it, they start to burn (sort of feels like a small asthma attack) and this causes me to get tired quickly. I'm very thankful I'm not confined to my bed anymore because it only took one day of being stuck in bed for cabin fever to set it.

I'm thankful that God is protecting and watching over me (and I will always be thankful!). I know it's going to be a few more weeks before I'm back to normal though.

Since I was first sick, I've hardly had an appetite. It's gotten pretty bad to the point where I realized I that I hadn't had anything to eat on some days. Since I haven't really had much to eat, I stopped taking Metformin (for the time being) so my BSL won't drop. This past week, my appetite has been improving but it's still not enough for me to go back on Metformin.

Please pray that I'm able to start eating the way I should be and that my lungs are completely soon! Thank you so much!!!

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