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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Benefits of Drinking Water.

I'm pretty sure some of you are thinking, "Benefits of drinking water? Really?" I know, it seems like a no-brainer, but not a lot of people know why we need water, especially for women with PCOS. Medications, such as Metformin, can cause kidney infections if you aren't properly hydrating yourself. I know first hand from this, too. Back in February, I had a kidney infection because I wasn't drinking enough water, and I felt like death.

Another interesting thing is that by the time your body realizes that you are thirsty, you are already going through dehydration.

Today, we are going to go into why water is so important, what it can do, and how much we should be drinking each day.

Some general benefits of water (this goes for everyone) are:
  • Increased energy.
  • Less headaches.
  • Lubricated joints.
  • Aids our digestive system.
  • Keeps our kidneys and liver functioning properly.
  • A great recovery after exercising.
  • Increases fat burning.
At this point, I'm already sold but how much water should we drink a day? The average healthy person should consume two to three liters a day (wowzers!). People who are on certain medications, supplements, have certain conditions, etc. should be drinking more than that. I know. It's crazy. Even now, I'm not drinking nearly enough. And this is just the estimate that doesn't include exercising.

Now lets learn how much water we need to drink if you do involve exercising into your daily life:
  • No exercising = 0.5
  • Jogging or light exercising = 0.6
  • Sports or moderate training three times a week = 0.7
  • Moderate daily weightlifting or aerobics = 0.8
  • Heavy weight training daily = 0.9
  • Heavy weight training daily plus sports = 1
Okay, now what you need to do is take that number and multiply it by your weight.

I'll use my exercising and weight as an example:
228 x 0.6 = 136.8 ounces of water per day.

Now, don't drink all of that in one sitting. You'll get sick. Spread it out through the day. I always keep a Brita water bottle with me and it holds 20 oz of water.

So lets do some division!
136.8 / 20 = 6.84 which is about 7 servings of water a day.

It really isn't as crazy as it seems. Before I did my research, I think I'd drink about half of what I should be drinking.

Another thing that you should know, you can't substitute anything with water! Drinking juices or soda doesn't replace water in any way! They only contain a small amount of water.

For the Cysters who have an Android phone, download this FREE app to help you remember when to drink your water: Water Your Body!

I hope this information has helped you better understand the importance of water. God bless and keep hydrated!


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